Monday, September 17, 2012

Finally back

Hi all!
Really sorry for not posting anything for aaages but I have been without internet connection for some period, then busy with the job and then again without internet connection. Now I'm here though! Moved into my new flat, got a chair (no other furniture yet, so I'm sleeping on an inflatable mattress) and finally got the internet! Who knew you have to do so many things when you move into a new flat by yourself??
One of the things I had to do was to ask Southern Water to put a meter in my flat. Did you know that most of the houses here don't have meters for their water? I think it's crazy. It's something that you NEVER see in Italy. Ok, it was useful for us last year because the un-metered bill was quite cheap since we were splitting it up among 6 people, but it does encourage waste, doesn't it? Southern Water says on its website that they've noticed that, by installing meters in the houses, people use 5% water less. THANK YOU! *ironic mode* Plus, it's not fair on people who don't live in that house at times (like me when I go back to Italy for the holidays).
Well, I've done most of what I to do now and I can relax a bit more, though University starts on Thursday. Last week I managed to spend some time in Cambridge with a Libyan friend of mine. He is from Benghazi so he has lived the revolution in person...we had so much to talk about! As you might know, I'm very interested in Middle Eastern politics and it's extremely interesting to see the point of view of someone who lives in another reality, with different medias from ours. 
Maybe I'll write more of what we spoke about in another post, I've got to go now. Sitting on the floor to write on the laptop on the chair isn't that comfortable!
Bye :)

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