Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm trying to get a hold on this


There's a new song on Italian radios these days that I'm totally loving! It's the No Doubt's single "Settle Down". I have to confess I didn't know the band before hearing this song on my fav radio station, RDS, but I promise I'll listen to something else from them soon. 
I couldn't actually understand all the lyrics at first, but I fell in love with the lively rithm and the voice of the singer (which apparently is Gwen Stefani - and I've always liked her - but I didn't know it before starting to write this post :P ). 

When, today, I looked the words up on the net, they surely didn't disappoint me!

As a matter of facts, I'm kinda trying to get over a horrible period of my life, so lyrics like:
I'm fine (and nothing's gonna knock this girl down)
I'm hella positive for real
I'm all good
No I'm fine (and nothing's gonna knock this girl down)
It's kind of complicated that's for sure
But you can see it my eyes, you can read on my lips
I'm trying to get a hold on this
And I really mean it this time
seem to be quite a good fit for me. Not only that, they made me think that getting over bad periods in life IS actually possible, you just have to be positive and get down to it! Not easy, I know, but somehow manageable. 

My father, the other day, said to me: "Aiutati che Dio ti aiuta" (="Help yourself, then God will help you"), meaning that I shouldn't just sit around waiting for some external help. If you believe in God, you might believe that He will help you, but you surely know that you have to start doing something about it yourself.

Well, I think this will go on my list of "songs-to-listen-to-when-i'm-depressed", it just puts me in such a good mood! :D 

I hope you guys, on the other hand, are all doing well and enjoying life!
Even if you don't need some musical push to get on with your life, do listen to this great song and tell me what you think about it :)


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  1. dear kate,

    sad to hear you are going through a horrible period in your life. hope you will bounce back from this even stronger!

    best regards,